Fidel et Raul Castro

Handout picture released by website showing Cuban leader and former president Fidel Castro (L) listening to his brother and current president, Raul, as Cuba’s new National Assembly meets to choose a Council of State, at the Conventions Palace in Havana on February 24, 2013. Cuba’s new National Assembly is to choose a Council of State, which in turn is expected to elect Raul Castro to another five year term as president of the communist country. Assembly members cheered revolutionary icon Fidel Castro, 86, who made a rare public appearance to be at the opening event with his brother Raul. Raul Castro became interim president when Fidel took ill in 2006, then formally became president in 2008. AFP PHOTO/ FRANCISCO — RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT « AFP PHOTO/ FRANCISCO » – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTSISMAEL FRANCISCO/AFP/Getty Images

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